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Prospectís Edge 200 Separation System, is an automated, easy-to-use, bench-top air-driven centricollation system, specifically designed to implement the Edge technology. The system provides well defined, non-denaturing, and reproducible fractionation of complex biological samples by their densities. The separation process maintains the integrity of the biological sample and biological context necessary for further analysis and biomarker discovery.

An integral component of the Edge 200 is Prospectís Air Prepô 205 unit (APU) which provides a unique combination of controlled pre-dried and low-temperature air. Throughout each extraction step, the APU conditions the inlet air to assure a clean, dry and temperature-controlled environment.

Edge 200 Separation Systemís benefits:

  • Fractionation, enrichment and concentration in a single process.
  • Fractionation conditions are non-denaturing and the sample integrity is well preserved.
  • Using GradiSpec extraction media assures the density at each step is pre-defined.
  • The recovery yield is > 90%.
  • Starting sample volume can be 50 ul to 3.0 ml.
  • Extraction volume is flexible, user-defined, and can be as low as 100 Ķl.
  • Each extraction step takes about 5 to 6minutes.
  • Targeted extraction may start at any density step of interest without going through the whole process.

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